About PPMA

PPMA Founded in 1961, the PPMA is recognized by the government of Pakistan as the only representative Pharma body in the country which has about 400 members which comprises both national and multinational companies. Pakistan Pharma Industry is very vibrant and dynamic comprising more than 700 units, currently fulfilling more than 95% of the domestic Pharmaceutical requirements. One of the goals is to ensure availability of quality medicines to all at reasonable price and to enhance exports of the country by accessing more value added markets of Europe and USA.


Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world and has the second largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia. Pakistan’s population is 200 million, placing it higher than Russia, and lower than Brazil.

Message from the Chairman, PPMA

Mr. Tauqeer Ul Haq

Chairman, PPMA

CEO, MediFlow Pharmaceuticals

Dear Esteemed Members & Guests,

I hope this message finds you in good health. As Chairman of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA), I am pleased to extend an invitation to the 6th Pakistan Pharma Summit and Pharma Export Summit & Awards (PESA’23), scheduled to take place on Wednesday, July 12, 2023, at the Islamabad Serena Hotel.

The pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan has experienced significant growth, with an estimated value of $3.2 billion and projected to reach $5 billion in the near future. This event serves as a

platform for industry leaders, manufacturers, exporters, and government representatives to come together and explore opportunities and challenges in our sector.

The 6th Pakistan Pharma Summit and PESA’23 aim to celebrate the achievements of the pharmaceutical industry and foster collaboration among stakeholders. It provides an excellent opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and shape the future of our industry.

We would be honored by your presence at this prestigious event, where you can network with key industry players, gain valuable knowledge, and contribute to the growth and success of the pharmaceutical sector in Pakistan.

I look forward to welcoming you at the 6th Pakistan Pharma Summit and PESA’23.

Message from 

PESA Organizing Committee

Dr. Kaiser Waheed

Organizing Committee, PESA

Mr. Arshad Mehmood

– Co-Chair
Organizing Committee, PESA

Mr. Haroon Qassim

Organizing Committee, PESA

Mr. Khalid Misbah

Organizing Committee, PESA

As we gather for the 6th Pakistan Pharma Summit and 2nd Pharma Export Summit & Awards (PESA), we celebrate the legacy of these esteemed events, which have become the pinnacle platform for the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan. The rich history and credibility of these summits enhance their significance and elevate their impact on the sector.

We are honored to have Dr. Emily Kaine, an esteemed expert in global health and manufacturing, as our keynote speaker. Dr. Kaine will share valuable insights on “Pharma Export Success: Strategies for Manufacturing Excellence and Regulatory Compliance,” enriching our understanding of the industry and inspiring us towards greater achievements.

Additionally, we are privileged to have the presence of esteemed ministers, diplomats, and stakeholders who will join us at this powerful gathering. This influential audience, consisting of top pharma professionals, government officials, and international representatives, will foster meaningful discussions and drive positive change in the pharmaceutical landscape of Pakistan.

At PPMA PESA, we take great pride in recognizing and honoring the outstanding contributions of our pharma exporters, whose dedication has propelled the industry forward. This event serves as a dynamic platform for addressing industry challenges, shaping its future, and unlocking its boundless potential.

Join us at PPMA PESA, where industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders come together to ignite growth and excellence in Pakistan’s pharmaceutical sector.

The Organizing Committee of PPMA PESA