Eligibility For PPMA Membership

A sole proprietorship firm or any other company or a business concern shall be eligible for membership of the Association, provided that it is carrying on business as Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers, and fulfill the criteria as provided in Rule 11 (a to e) of Trade Rules.

Every application for the membership of the association shall be made on a form prescribed by the Association and submitted by the Applicant to the Secretary General together with the first year’s Membership Fee subscription and the admission fee.

Every individual business concern firm or joint stock company desirous of becoming a member of the Association shall “submit to the Secretary General, membership application form. The application so received shall be placed before the next meeting of or circulated amongst the Executive Committee which may accept or reject the same for the reasons specified in the rejection order.

In case of rejection, no further application shall be entertained for a period of one year reckoned from the date of such rejection and the fees paid by the Applicant shall be refunded. The applicant shall, however, have the right to approach the Director General, whose decision in this regard shall be final and binding.