February 20, 2024


1Mr. Mian Khalid Misbah Ur RehmanChairman PPΜΑ
2Mr. Ch. Muhammad Israr SharifSr. Vice Chairman PPMA
3Dr. Mahwash KhanVice Chairperson PPMA
4Mr. Syed Farooq BukhariEx-Officio Member CEC PPMA
5Mr. Adnan HiraniZonal Chairman PPMA South
6Mr. Asad Shuja Ur RehmanFormer Chairman PPMA
7Dr. Shaiekh Kaiser WaheedFormer Chairman PPMA
8Mr. Zahid SaeedFormer Chairman PPMA
9Mr. Saeed AllawalaFormer Chairman PPMA
10Mr. Hamid RazaFormer Chairman PPMA
11Mr. Haroon QasimFormer Chairman PPMA
12Mr. Tauqeer Ul HaqFormer Chairman & Member CEC PPΜΑ
13Mr. Saboor AhmedFormer Chairman & Member CEC PPMA
14Mr. Amjad JavaFormer Chairman PPMA
15Mr. Muhammad Qazi Mansoor DilawarFormer Chairman PPMA
16Mr. Aman UllahMember CEC PPMA
17Dr. Faisal Q KhokkarMember CEC PPMA
18Mr. Osman Khalid WaheedMember CEC PPMA
19Dr. Qurat Ul AinMember CEC PPMA
20Mr. Ovais ShahmimMember CEC PPMA
21Mr. Farahan Muhammad HaroonMember CEC PPMA
22Ms. Irum NailaMember PPΜΑ
23Mr. Muhammad AbdullahMember CEC PPMA
24Mr. Swaleh MisbahMember CEC PPMA

One Point Agenda: SRO 228 Deregulations of Pricing of Non-Essential (Non-NEML) Medicines

After recitation of holy Quran & welcome to the participants, Chairman PPMA greeted the house on the achievement of this great landmark which industry had been advocating and working towards strongly for past many year in line with international best practices and successful regional practice as the most balanced approach towards pricing of non-essential drugs. He acknowledged efforts done by all senior members/former Chairmen/Govt. high ups/PPMA Secretariat / Pharma Bureau for strong coordination & support.

Chairman PPMA urged the house for avoid any panic situation and only revise the prices of utmost needed

products with minimum possible increase otherwise it may lead to a situation like 1993 where few high price increases

resulted in unnecessary pressure on the government and they reversed a policy which adversely affected this sector

for decades to come while countries like India and Bangladesh took full advantage of such policies and are not only

providing quality medicines to the public at best possible prices but also earning billions of dollars through export for

their countries.

He further stressed that leakage of internal discussions at all level should be avoided as it results in unnecessary controversy and non-productive activities. PPMA should focus on improvement in the industry at regulatory level to ensure a positive future for such an essential industry for national interest.

The house agreed on following PPMA stance:

1. This is a major development in the industry at regulatory level. PPMA will continue to make all efforts to address other critical matters through government.

2. All participants agreed on 15% ceiling on price increase in case of non-essential drugs where the current costing has become too high due to inflation, devaluation and energy cost.

3. PPMA to keep in touch with 15-20 top manufacturers and take them into confidence may be taken in confidence for an advice to increase prices very carefully, with due regard for hardship of the patients and where absolutely necessary.

4. Companies should make all efforts to make better availability of medicines which are in shortage due to low prices. Individual companies should release information of availability at distributor and pharmacy levels.

5. Comprehensive message/statement for media / social media shall be developed & shared with CEC for consensus and for medical community/public to avoid discrepancy between Pharma Industry & Medical Community.

6.The house unanimously appreciated the extra-ordinary efforts made by Chairman PPMA and his team for achieving such a historical milestone.

NAWAZ AHMED Secretary General PPMA